What are clients saying?

I wasn't able to sleep and felt Anxious...

“I am 39 yrs old and have been through many traumatic things since I was young.  About 6 yrs ago I was in a car accident and recently was a victim of an armed hate crime.  Before starting treatment with Amy I felt awful, I thought I had an incurable illness because I had awful pain all throughout my body but especially in my neck, back and hips.  On top of the pain, I wasn’t able to sleep and I felt anxious, depressed, afraid, and tired all the time.  Once I started treatment I started slowly but surely feeling better emotionally and physically with all of Amy’s treatment and guidance.  After trying so many things and still not feeling better, it is incredible the changes that I have gone through since starting treatment.  I have started to feel more calm and have started to enjoy myself and my life once again.  I have started exercising again and feel good afterwards.  I appreciate the amazing work Amy does on me and am grateful I was able to get this opportunity to try acupuncture with Amy.”

– DS 

a Calming voice and Gentle touch...

“I have referred myself to Amy Houlihan for her 5 Element Acupuncture treatments for nearly one year now.  She has proven to be excellent at asking questions, listening to concerns, and not only addressing them that day but remembers to ask for updates the next times she sees me.  Amy has mastered her art of healing, explains it well, and has a calming voice and gentle touch that leaves you feeling cared for very well in body, mind, and spirit.  When you are ready to be healed naturally or to boost your energy and/or immune system while in good hands, reach out to Amy!” 

– DB

A Safe and Healing environment...

“Although I’ve known Amy for a while, it wasn’t until she became my acupuncturist, that I realized how truly wise she is. She provides a safe and healing environment where I’m given the space and the freedom to let go of any burden I may be carrying. Smiling, she’ll ask the questions that allow me to look at things more clearly. It’s both nurturing and nourishing to get a treatment from her. She’s pure love with grace and ease mixed in for good measure. Book an appointment. You won’t regret it.” 

– LB

It helped me Cope...

“For the past two years I have been receiving Five Element acupuncture treatments from Amy. She is the first acupuncturist I have ever been to. My life has changed! I am sleeping soundly, have lost weight and am less anxious than I have ever been. The Five Elements approach recognizes the imbalances that we all carry and Amy knew how to treat that in my body, my mind, my emotions and my spirituality. I have lost weight as I lost the craving to eat emotionally. My anxiety settled so I could sleep and wake feeling rested. It helped me cope with the ups and downs of daily life. My life settled. I took things in stride. I felt calm. It wasn’t until a co worker asked me what was it that was making me different in how I carried & projected myself that I realized it showed & how powerful the balancing  has made a difference not only to myself but to those around me. My husband said I seemed more content as I wasn’t “picking” on him anymore! This transformation in my life was gradual, but powerful.
Amy is so in tuned to my needs, that I trust her completely and the results prove themselves over and over again. During these past two years I haven’t ever been ill. I feel confident of my immune system as we confront this virus. I feel at peace. I can’t explain it any more than a transformation in myself and wonder if I had started earlier in my life how different things could have been. But I don’t dwell on that because I experience the difference now and embrace it as it was meant to be.”

– DH

I always feel cared for and attended to deeply...

“When I see Amy for treatment, I always feel cared for and attended to deeply.  5 element acupuncture has become an important part of my self care practice.”

– JH

My anxiety is better controlled and my health is improving...

“I have known Amy for four years now, but I have been a client over the last six months. After a very difficult 2019, Amy has brought me peace and a calm that I so desperately needed. My sleep has improved, my anxiety is better controlled and my health is improving. I feel like I am regaining my life and purpose. It has been a blessing and has helped me physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

– FD

My PTSD and anger issues are resolved 100%...

I am a 77 year old Vietnam vet with PTSD. After returning from ‘Nam’ in 1970, I got my Ph.D in clinical psychology and, along with my wife, we did clinical psychotherapy for 33 years before retiring and moving to Colorado. I know 33 different therapy modalities. Nothing worked for me but 5 Element Acupuncture. My PTSD and anger issues are resolved 100%. My work with Amy Houlihan over these last 4 years is wonderful and I commend her expertise to anyone who is serious about major change. I continue with Amy now every 3 weeks.”

– BM

I was kinder and more patient to my family and to myself...

For years I’ve had a solid idea of what I wanted out of therapy, and for years I was never able to resolve the judgment of myself that led to my judgement of others. Being tired of my issues in body image, feeling like I wasn’t good enough, and feeling generally incomplete, I had an open mind to acupuncture, and I feel so lucky to have had Amy as a practitioner and partner in my journey to a new self discovery. After every session, I left feeling zen and balanced, and after a couple of weeks, I noticed that my body dysmorphia started to fade away. I was kinder and more
patient to my family and to myself, and I had less of a fear of missing out. Amy taught me how to recognize mind, body, and soul as one collective form of being, and I feel like I know how to take care of myself better in all three areas. Every session feels safe, and Amy’s attitude, professionality, and warmth allow the opportunity to be open to self growth and healing.

– MJ

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”
- Mother Teresa